Matthew Freeman

Matthew’s passion for racial equity and social justice has led him across the United States and overseas, helping people connect across difference and begin to address the challenges that divide them. Matthew has worked with members of Congress, the Federal Reserve system, as well as organizations of all sizes, from Fortune 500’s to small non-profits. With degrees in the sciences and in the humanities, Matthew appreciates the opportunities to bring that diverse educational background to bear on topics like unconscious bias- exploring what we know about how the brain functions and how that impacts our human interactions. He is the author of the book Overcoming Bias: Building Authentic Relationships Across Differences.

Ebony Walden

Ebony has over a decade of community development experience working with a diversity of practitioners and residents to transform communities. At Ebony Walden consulting, she leverages her experience as an urban planner and community builder to design and facilitate community workshops, trainings and engagement processes that explore race, equity and the creation of more just and inclusive communities.

Dr. David Campt

With more than 25 years of professional experience, Dr. David Campt  is considered a national expert in the areas of inclusion and equity, cultural competence, intergroup dialogue, and civic engagement. His insights about the keys to more inclusive and effective institutions and communities have been sought by small executive boards of fewer than a dozen to large-scale summits involving thousands of people.